The Tecton library of information on feature stores, technology, use cases, and reference architectures.


TWiML Podcast
Feature Stores for MLOps with Mike Del Balso

TWiML podcast on bringing DevOps to ML data with feature stores.


Software Engineering Daily
Tecton: Machine Learning Platform from Uber with Kevin Stumpf

In this podcast, Kevin Stumpf, Co-Founder and CTO of Tecton, discusses his experience building Uber Michelangelo and now building the Tecton feature store.


Python Podcast
Scale Your Data Science Teams with MLOps Principles

In this podcast, Mike Del Balso, Co-Founder and CEO of Tecton, explains how feature stores help data scientists build better features and get them to production instantly


TWiML Podcast
Feature Stores for Accelerating AI Development

Podcast on ML data with industry thought leaders Kevin Stumpf, CTO of Tecton, Willem Pienaar, creator of Feast, and Maxime Beauchemin, creator of Apache Airflow.


The Cloudcast
Great Data Models Need Great Features

Podcast on Tecton’s vision for feature stores and solving the data problem for ML.


DiscoPosse Podcast
The Value and Challenge of Data in Machine Learning

Podcast on extracting value from enterprise data with operational ML.


Utilizing AI Podcast
Bringing DevOps Principles to ML Data

Podcast on getting AI to production with MLOps platforms and feature stores.

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