The Data Platform for Machine Learning

Build a library of great features. Serve them in production. Do it at scale.

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Great models need great features.

Build great features from batch, streaming, and real-time data

Models can only be as good as the features they consume, and features can only be as good as the raw data they consume. Whether precomputed in batch, or generated in real-time, derive the highest quality signal from the company’s best data.

Share and re-use features to build better models faster

Features shouldn’t live in artificial silos. They should be discoverable and available for use across the company. Curate features in a centralized feature store. No more silos, no more duplication.

Deploy and serve features in production with confidence

Features are business-critical building blocks of any ML application. They should be treated with the same automation and standards as production code. Deploy features quickly and serve them at scale with enterprise SLAs.

Introducing the first enterprise-ready data platform for machine learning

Built by the creators of Uber Michelangelo, Tecton extends the concept of the feature store to manage the complete feature lifecycle.

Develop high-quality features
using real-time and batch data

Deploy and serve features 
in production instantly

Build accurate training data sets
using time travel

Monitor production features
to detect breakages and drift

Share, discover, and re-use features
across your organization

Built-in enterprise-grade service levels, governance, and security

Integrates with common data infrastructure and ML platforms
including AWS SageMaker, Databricks, and Kubeflow

Put your ML in production

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