The Tecton library of information on feature stores, technology, use cases, and reference architectures.

Tech Talks

Real-Time Fraud Detection with Tecton Streaming Features

Learn how to use streaming and real-time data to optimize your fraud detection models. Read More

White Papers

Tecton Security & Compliance

As a service provider responsible for handling sensitive data, we understand that our security program, policies, and controls must meet or exceed our customers’ standards. Data for machine learning (ML) is” often subject to the most stringent legal, regulatory, privacy, Read More


4 Minute Demo of the Tecton Feature Store Platform

Manmeet Gujral from the Tecton team walks through a quick overview and demo of the Tecton Feature Store platform.

Case Studies

Tide Case Study

Tide uses Tecton to accelerate ML model deployment by over 50%, triple the number of features used per model, and save the significant engineering time required to build and maintain an internal feature store.


Deploying a Fraud Detection Model with Tecton

Tecton Solutions Architect David Hershey walks through a live demo of deploying a fraud detection model using the Tecton Feature Store.


How Feature Stores Enable Operational ML

Tecton CEO Mike Del Balso dives into how Feature Stores like Tecton and Feast enable operational ML and the specific problems they solve for data teams.


How Michelangelo ML Enabled Uber To Scale Up Its ML Models | Mike Del Balso – Tecton

Mike Del Balso is the co-founder and CEO of Tecton, where he is focused on building next-generation data infrastructure for Operational ML

White Papers

Tecton Feature Store Overview

Learn more about the Tecton feature store and how it brings DevOps principles to the complete lifecycle of ML features

Case Studies

Atlassian Case Study

Atlassian uses Tecton to accelerate deployment of ML models from months to days, and improve model accuracy.

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