Machine Learning Resources

The Tecton library of information on feature stores, technology, use cases, and reference architectures.


The ML Data Engineering Event for Recommender Systems

Watch the replay to hear from speakers at Slack, Cookpad, and ByteDance! Read More


Feature Stores for Real-Time Machine Learning. Build or Buy?

Data sources, feature freshness, data pipelines, training / serving skew—learn how these come into play in the build vs. buy decision.


Choosing the right feature store: Feast or Tecton?

High-level and hands-on comparison to help you choose the best feature store for your machine learning use cases Read More


Scaling Real-Time ML at Cash App with Tecton

Hear Cash App’s journey through various generations of its core machine-learning capabilities and how Tecton’s real-time feature platform helps them deliver world-class recommendations. Read More


Real-Time Machine Learning for Financial Services

How Tide built real-time fraud detection and loan approval ML applications using Tecton’s feature platform


Enabling rapid model deployment in the healthcare setting

Discover how Vital powers its predictive, customer-facing, emergency department wait-time product with request-time input signals and how it solves its “cold-start” problem by building machine-learning feedback loops using Tecton.


Workshop: Operationalizing ML Features on Snowflake with Tecton

Many organizations have standardized on Snowflake as their cloud data platform. Tecton integrates with Snowflake and enables data teams to process ML features and serve them in production quickly and reliably, without building custom data pipelines.

Tech Talks

Real-Time Fraud Detection with Tecton Streaming Features

Learn how to use streaming and real-time data to optimize your fraud detection models.


Feature Platforms for Data-Centric AI with Mike Del Balso

In this podcast, Tecton CEO and Co-founder Mike Del Balso joins Sam Charrington to talk about all things machine learning.

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