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Samantha Rydzewski

We are happy to announce a new blog series here at everyone’s favorite feature store – Featured Tectonauts . In this blog series, we will be highlighting the amazing characters we get to interact with daily here at Tecton. Want … Read More

Introducing Low-Latency Streaming Pipelines to Support Real-Time ML

Introducing Low-Latency Streaming Pipelines for Real-Time ML

Intro We’re excited to announce that Tecton now automates low-latency streaming pipelines, to help organizations quickly and reliably build Real-Time ML models. Real-Time ML means that predictions are generated online, at low latency, using real-time data; new events are reflected … Read More

Journey to Real-Time ML

Intro We speak with hundreds of ML enterprise ML teams every year. And we’ve observed a typical pattern for the adoption of ML in the enterprise. Not every organization follows the exact same steps, but we’ve seen the pattern validated … Read More

Apply Meetup - August 11 2021

apply(meetup): Announcing the Speaker Lineup for August 11

Here we go again! It seems like just yesterday we were hosting the first iteration of apply(). Now back by popular demand, we’re hosting apply(meetup) on August 11th from 9am to 12pm Pacific Time … Read More

4 Minute Demo of the Tecton Feature Store Platform

Manmeet Gujral from the Tecton team walks through a quick overview and demo of the Tecton Feature Store platform.

Tecton Feature Store Overview

Learn more about the Tecton feature store and how it brings DevOps principles to the complete lifecycle of ML features

Atlassian Case Study

Atlassian uses Tecton to accelerate deployment of ML models from months to days, and improve model accuracy.

Accelerating the ML Lifecycle with an Enterprise-Grade Feature Store

Talk from Spark+AI Summit 2020 with Mike Del Balso, Co-Founder and CEO of Tecton, and Geoff Sims of Atlassian.

TWiML Podcast
Feature Stores for MLOps with Mike Del Balso

TWiML podcast on bringing DevOps to ML data with feature stores.

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