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Tecton is the Primary Contributor to Feast, the leading Open Source Feature Store

Tecton and Feast

Feast is an Open Source Feature Store for Machine Learning

Feast is an open-source feature store which provides easy and consistent feature access across model training and serving.

Operationalize your analytics data​

Feast operationalizes your offline data so it’s available for real-time predictions, without building custom pipelines.

Ensure consistency across training and serving

Feast guarantees you’re serving the same data to models during training and inference, eliminating training-serving skew.

Reuse your current infrastructure

Feast doesn’t require the deployment and ongoing management of dedicated infrastructure.

It runs on top of cloud managed services; reusing your existing infrastructure and spinning up new resources when needed.

Standardize your data workflows across teams

Feast brings standardization and consistency to your data engineering workflows across models and teams. Many teams use Feast as the foundation of their internal ML platforms.

Deciding on the right Feature Store for you?

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Feast is an open source, self-managed feature store built for serving pre-computed features for training and online inference.

Tecton is a fully-managed feature store built to orchestrate the complete lifecycle of features, from transformation to online serving, with enterprise-grade SLAs.


Open source, self-managed

Fully-managed cloud service

Enterprise grade SLAs

24/7 support


Batch data source support

Streaming data source support

Transformation orchestration

Training dataset generation

Online feature serving

Feature registry

Monitor data quality and operational metrics

Web UI

Role-Based Access Controls

Private workspaces

Looking for a self-managed feature store?

Looking for a fully-managed, enterprise feature store?

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