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Feature Platform for Real-Time Machine Learning

Tecton overview

Power all your models with production-ready batch, streaming, and real-time data pipelines

Tecton overview

From the creators of Uber Michelangelo, the ML Platform powering every model at Uber. Tecton is trusted by leading ML teams.

Why Tecton

Data Engineering for Real-Time ML Just Got Easier

Production pipelines in minutes

Save months of work by creating robust data pipelines from just a few lines of code—from there, Tecton automatically builds, orchestrates, and maintains them so your teams don’t have to

Increased model accuracy

Improve model performance by automating and multiplying robust pipelines that materialize fresh features consistently across training and serving environments

Improved collaboration

Increase your team’s efficiency by sharing features across the organization and standardize all of your machine learning data workflows in one platform

Mission-critical reliability

Serve features in production at extreme scale with the confidence that systems will always be up and running

The problem we solve
The problem we solve

Data Engineering for Real-Time ML Is Hard

A complete platform

Go From Custom Feature Definitions to Robust Transformation Pipelines, in Minutes

Use Tecton’s feature platform to transform your feature definitions into production-ready batch, streaming, or real-time data pipelines for machine learning that scales.

Feature platform for machine learning
Feature Repository

Define and Manage Features as Code

Tecton works best with structured data. Define features in python files using a declarative framework and manage those features through a git repository.

Feature Pipelines


Tecton automatically orchestrates data pipelines to continuously process and transform raw data into features.

Tecton data orchestrator

Feature Store

Store and Serve

Tecton stores feature values consistently across training and serving environments. Easily retrieve historical features to train models, or serve the latest features for online inference.



Continuously monitor data pipelines, serving latency, and processing costs. Automatically resolve issues and control the quality, cost and reliability of your machine learning applications.

Machine learning serving latency monitoring

Customer Stories

Hear Cash App’s journey through various generations of its core machine-learning capabilities and how Tecton’s real-time feature platform helps them deliver world-class recommendations.
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Atlassian reduced the time to deploy new features from 1-3 months to 1 day using Tecton, powering recommendations in Jira and Confluence.
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Tide used Tecton to launch automatic fraud detection during new customer onboarding, replacing manual reviews of new accounts and saving $600K.
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Battle tested for the enterprise

Reliability and Scale You Expect
From a Production System

Fully Managed and Cloud Native

Tecton makes it easy to deploy and operate machine learning with a managed, cloud native service.

Built for Availability and Scale

Tecton is built for scale, delivering median latencies of ~5ms and supporting over 100,000 of requests per second.

Integrates with Your Existing Stack

Tecton is not a database or a processing engine. It plugs into and orchestrates on top of your existing storage and processing infrastructure.

Secure and Compliant

Tecton authenticates users via SSO and includes support for access control lists. We support GDPR compliance in your ML applications, and are SOC2 Type 2 certified.


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