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What Is a Feature Platform for Machine Learning?

Up until two years ago, only giant technology companies had the resources and expertise to build products that fully depended on machine learning systems. Think Google powering ad auctions, TikTok recommending content, and Uber dynamically adjusting pricing. To power their … Read More

What Is Operational Machine Learning?

Tecton’s founders started Uber Michelangelo, which led to an explosion of operational machine learning applications at Uber. In this article, Kevin Stumpf, Co-founder and CTO at Tecton, describes what operational ML really is and gives practical examples to understand how it works Read More

Our Culture and Values

Before starting Tecton, Mike and I were at Uber for several years. Uber had a unique culture. It motivated people to work hard, move fast, and build a business that impacts millions of people at incredible speed. But it also … Read More

2021 at Tecton: A Year in Review

2021 is a wrap, and what a year it has been! As we head into the New Year, I want to take a look back at what we’ve accomplished this year and share with you some of the things I … Read More

Real-Time Aggregation Features for Machine Learning (Part 2)

In the following sections, we describe an approach to solving these challenges that we’ve proven out at scale at Tecton, and that has been used successfully in production at Airbnb and Uber for several years. The discussed approach explains Tecton’s implementation which relies entirely on open source technologies Read More

Real-Time Aggregation Features for Machine Learning (Part 1)

Machine Learning features are derived from an organization’s raw data and provide a signal to an ML model. A very common type of feature transformation is a rolling time window aggregation. For example, you may use the rolling 30-minute order count of a restaurant to predict the order preparation time of your favorite food delivery service Read More

Data Software-as-a-Service: The Case for a Hybrid Deployment Architecture

Lior Gavish & Kevin Stumpf As founders of companies that build solutions designed to help teams deliver on the promise of data, we knew we wanted to build great products that are easy to deploy and manage for our customers.  … Read More

Why Tecton is Backing the Feast Open Source Feature Store

Today, we’re excited to announce that Tecton is becoming a core contributor to the Feast open source project, and that Willem Pienaar, creator of Feast, is joining the Tecton team. Read More

Why We Need DevOps for ML Data

Getting machine learning (ML) into production is hard. In fact, it’s possibly an order of magnitude harder than getting traditional software deployed. As a result, most ML projects never see the light of production-day and many organizations simply give up … Read More

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