Doubling Down on Production AI at Tecton

November 13, 2023

Tecton is focusing on production AI and will no longer maintain the Feast open-source project. Find out what this means for Feast.

Announcing Tecton on Google Cloud: Accelerate the Development of ML-Powered Applications

July 25, 2023

Announcing Tecton on Google Cloud: Accelerate the development of ML-powered applications with Tecton on Google Cloud Tecton on Google Cloud provides an easy and fast way to build, process, manage, and share high-quality ML features across your …

Evolving Tecton’s Culture & Values

June 27, 2023

As Tecton co-founders, Kevin and I have always believed in the power of creating a strong culture, with intentional values that define who we are and how we act. We have created our company values with a few unshakable fundamentals in mind: a strong …

Machine Learning: The Past, Present, and Future

September 14, 2022

In this post, we take a look at the early days of getting ML into production, where we are today, and some predictions of what it will be like to build ML applications in the future.

Managing the Flywheel of Machine Learning Data

July 28, 2022

Learn how achieving the flywheel effect with ML can help you and your team quickly iterate on models, creating a compounding effect that results in high performance and reliability.

Tecton Raises $100M in Series C Funding

July 12, 2022

Tecton has raised $100M in a Series C funding round to help make real-time ML accessible to everyone.

Why Feature Stores Should Extend, Not Replace, Existing Data Infrastructure

May 11, 2022

During apply(meetup), Ben Wilson, from Databricks, gave a lightning talk on how ML projects shouldn't be built in isolation. At Tecton, we believe that great ML infra should integrate deeply with existing data infrastructure while providing …

Announcing apply()’s Speaker Lineup

March 31, 2021

Tecton is hosting apply(): the ML Data Engineering conference on April 21 and 22, bringing together industry thought leaders and practitioners from over 30 organizations to share and discuss the current and future state of ML data engineering. This …

Feature Store in General Availability & Series B Funding

December 6, 2020

Today marks a big milestone for Tecton. We’re excited to announce that the Tecton feature store is now in General Availability, and that we have raised $35 Million in Series B funding from our existing lead investors, Andreessen Horowitz and …

What Is a Feature Store?

October 20, 2020

This post describes the key components of a modern feature store and how the sum of these parts act as a force multiplier on organizations, by reducing duplication of data engineering efforts, speeding up the machine learning lifecycle, and unlocking …

Tecton: The Data Platform for Machine Learning

April 28, 2020

Today, Jeremy Hermann, Kevin Stumpf and I are excited to introduce Tecton, the company we founded just over a year ago. Tecton’s mission is to make it easy and safe to put machine learning into production to power smart product experiences. This …