Test and Validate Feature Quality with Tecton

December 18, 2023

Tecton ensures the quality of machine learning features in production.

Visualizing Feature Lineage with Tecton Dataflow

December 11, 2023

Tecton is the interface between raw data and production ML models. Sitting at the intersection between data and AI enables Tecton to provide powerful visibility into feature lineage – namely, what raw data ultimately powers which models. Today …

Rules & Heuristics for Machine Learning

December 4, 2023

Tecton's feature platform can be used for much more than features—this blog walks through an example building rules and heuristics with Tecton as well!

Featured Features: Ratio Features

November 9, 2023

Learn about ratio features in machine learning, how and when they are used with ML models, and how to build ratio features in Tecton.

Combining Online Stores for Real-Time Serving

October 10, 2023

Tecton uses Redis or DynamoDB as an online store for production machine learning. This post provides examples that use both databases together

Optimizing Feature Materialization Costs in a CI/CD Environment

September 18, 2023

Managing dev/test/prod environments for a feature store/feature platform can come with some unique considerations, especially when trying to control costs. Read about Tecton's best practices in this area in this post.

How to Integrate With Tecton

March 29, 2023

Learn how to seamlessly integrate your existing data infrastructure with Tecton to leverage powerful feature platform capabilities.

Production Machine Learning Application in 15 Minutes With Tecton and Databricks

August 4, 2022

Getting ML systems into production has always been (and still is) challenging. Learn how to use Tecton and Databricks to overcome those challenges and build an MVP for a real-time ML system in 15 minutes.

How to Use Snowflake With Tecton

March 23, 2022

You want to build production machine learning on top of Snowflake. So how do you do that?  If you’re a Snowflake user who wants to put machine learning into production, great news — we recently announced that Tecton is introducing …

Put Hugging Face Embeddings Into Production With Tecton

March 3, 2022

Embeddings have proven to be some of the most important features used in machine learning, enabling machine learning algorithms to learn efficient representations of complex data. Many embeddings,  in particular embeddings of audio, text or …

Serving 100,000 feature vectors per second with Tecton and DynamoDB

November 16, 2021

There is a class of Machine Learning models that require real-time data to make predictions – the process by which these models make predictions is known as Online Inference. Examples of these types of models are models that detect fraudulent …

Introducing Array Type Features

November 8, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Tecton now natively supports Array type features. Our customers are now deploying array features in operational machine learning models. In this article, we’ll go through (1) how arrays are commonly used in …