Powering Millions of Real-Time Rankings with Production AI

May 23, 2024

Mihail Douhaniaris and Martin Jewell, a Senior Data Scientist and Senior MLOps Engineer from GetYourGuide, respectively, share their insights into building and maintaining a robust machine learning-based ranking system. In this blog post, they are …

Productionizing Embeddings: Challenges and a Path Forward

April 30, 2024

Embeddings – condensed, rich representations of unstructured data – have emerged as a transformative technique for unlocking the full potential of both predictive and generative AI. In business-critical predictive AI applications like fraud …

High-Scale Feature Serving at Low Cost With Caching

December 5, 2023

Learn the different use cases for caching features and see how the Tecton Serving Cache works in this blog post.