Productionizing Embeddings: Challenges and a Path Forward

April 30, 2024

Embeddings – condensed, rich representations of unstructured data – have emerged as a transformative technique for unlocking the full potential of both predictive and generative AI. In business-critical predictive AI applications like fraud …

Key Takeaways From Ray Summit

October 11, 2023

Read this post for a summary of interesting announcements, learnings, and insights from Ray Summit, from LLMs and RAG, to generative AI and predictive ML.

Create Amazing Customer Experiences With LLMs & Real-Time ML Features

September 13, 2023

Did you know connecting large language models (LLMs) to a centralized feature platform can provide powerful, real-time insights from customer events? This post explains the benefits and how you can fit LLMs into production machine learning pipelines.